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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Boys' State Eligibility?
    Only males who have successfully completed their junior year of high school and who have at least one more semester remaining are considered. Previous participants of a Boys' State session are not allowed to attend a second session. Only those who illustrate leadership, character, scholarship, loyalty and service in their schools and community should be considered. Merit and ability are the basis for evaluation during the actual citizens selection process.
    Working through the counseling office, schools recommend lists of eligible candidates to local Legion posts. The post will then conduct interviews and select their representative(s) for the program.
2. When does Boys' State begin and how do I get there?
    Boys' State begins at noon on Saturday, June 6th 2015. The program is held at the Wyoming State Fairgrounds in Douglas. You should arrive between 10:00am and noon. Transportation will be arranged by your local American Legion Post.
3. Why should I be on time?
    Lunch will be served at noon followed by a brief greeting and orientation. Registration will Immediately follow. During your first couple of hours, you will be introduced to the staff, given a briefing on the week ahead and the rules of Boys' State, and you will elect leadership of your City. If you are late, you will lose the opportunity to be a City Official and will need to catch up on your own. The program moves very rapidly and every moment counts.
4. What if I have scheduled an ACT or SAT test on Saturday?
    You should avoid scheduling your SAT's or ACT's on June 4th if possible. If you must take the test on that day, you should register to take the test in Casper. That would allow you ample time to arrive in Douglas prior to Boys' State registration. If, for some reason, you cannot get to Douglas by registration time, you should contact the Boys' State office. Remember that late arrival may hinder your chances of success in leadership positions.
5. What if I need to leave early?
    Only delegates who are prepared to remain for the entire program should apply. In order to receive the full benefits of the Boys' State program, you must participate in all scheduled events and exercises. Diplomas are awarded on Friday morning and the program usually ends by 10:00am. Delegates are then released for their return home.
5. What if I have special needs?
    The State Fairgrounds are handicap equipped and Boys' State welcomes delegates with special needs. You will be responsible for your own medications, but you should make the Boys' State Committee aware of any special dietary requirements, conditions that may require preparation or exempt you from certain activities.
7. How much does it cost and what do I need to bring?
    Your local American Legion Post or local sponsor provides your registration fees, meals and transportation. The delegates are responsible for a $25 registration fee assessed at the time you register. Your Boys' State Tee Shirt is provided at registration. You may wish to bring spending money for snacks and extra Tee shirts from the Boys' State Canteen, or souvenirs from your trip to the State Capitol. Normally $50 - $100 is recommended.

    A packing list of items you need to bring to Boys' State is included in the "Blue Book" you will receive upon acceptance into the program. Read it carefully. You must bring flat twin sheets, blankets and a pillow with case, (NO QUILTS, SLEEPING BAGS, OR FITTED SHEETS). You must also provide your own bath towels, soap and toilet articles.

8. Is there a dress code?
    Casual attire is acceptable for most Boys' State activities. Jeans or casual slacks, Tee shirts and sweat shirts and sneakers are suitable for most events. Shorts and tank tops may be worn during free periods and during athletic events and morning stretch exercises. Boys' State Tee shirts will be required from time to time. You should also include a jacket for cool evenings.
9. What about Cheyenne Day?
    On Thursday, Boys' Staters' will be the honored guests at the State Capitol in Cheyenne. You will need to wear slacks, a dress shirt, a tie, and dress shoes for this event. Sport coats may be worn, but are not required.
10. What about visitors?
    Family Day is Wednesday and meals, special activities and tours are provided for family and friends. Your family may visit the campus at any time during Boys' State, however, delegates are not allowed to leave the campus or interrupt their schedule when visitors are present.
11. How many delegates attend Boys' State and how are they selected?
    Boys' State Delegates number from 100 to 200 young men of good character from nearly every high school in Wyoming, who have successfully completed their junior year. Delegates are selected by the local American Legion Posts, based on academic achievement, community and school involvement, and an interest in government. Application information may be obtained from the student guidance office at school or at the Wyoming Boys' State website.
12.What about Home Schooled Students?
    Home schooled kids are monitored by the school district and the state. Our delegates need to have completed their junior year of high school and have at least one semester remaining in high school. Even though the student is schooled at home, he must have a transcript or equal to validate his education.